Sidewalksr4everyone Mission

We are asking for your support to show the importance of sidewalks. Many roads in Lower Bucks County are not pedestrian friendly. New Falls Road, which crosses Middletown, Bristol, Falls, and Bensalem Townships, is one of them. There currently is no safe way for a person who is on foot to proceed along the road safely. The only way a pedestrian can move down this route is by walking on the roadway itself or by hiking along a poorly graded, brush-filled side of the road. Therefore, they put themselves and the moving vehicles in jeopardy.

New Falls Road and many other roads are highly commercialized, having several strip malls which include such businesses as pharmacies, grocery stores, banks, restaurants, barbershops and many other locations that people need to visit. A good amount of these people still move around by walking. In fact, there is even a SEPTA stop located on the road with no sidewalks to access it.

As well as New Falls Road having many shops and businesses along it, the road is highly traveled by vehicle transportation. New Falls Road is one of the major thoroughfares in the area. There are vehicles on the road all day and almost all night. The speed limit is posted at 40 MPH, but it is seldom that drivers are moving at that speed. Anyone who travels that route knows that if you are attempting to do the speed limit you will be passed very quickly.

With this in mind, it makes the road as unsafe both in a vehicle and outside of one. As citizens of a community, how can we allow our neighbors, friends, and family who maybe elderly, young, disabled, etc. travel along this route knowing the risk of injury and/or death. Again, we ask for your support. Please, sign the petition, and have everyone you know sign it as well. It is for the community, it is for your friends, it is for your family. It is for you!

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