Honoring John J. Rearick by Making a Difference

There are many reasons to pursue this goal of having sidewalks put on this dangerous road. Mine is a personal one. In July of 2012, my twenty-three years old son, John J. Rearick, was by hit by a vehicle on New Falls Road. It was a hit and run, he was taken to the hospital and six days later he passed due to the complications related to the violent accident. My family was there every day at the hospital. We all hoped and prayed that John may come out of this terrible ordeal. It had felt as though we had cried for six years instead of the days.

The loss that we had was a horrible, to have a family member die in the prime of his life.

To watch them go through the days of life support for the head trauma he suffered due to this accident. A man so young, just starting his journey, who was trying to make a difference in his own life and the ones around him. I know that many other people died on this road. And their sadness, unfortunately, I can say, I now feel. I wish that no one to feel it.

I want my son’s death to make a difference for his community.

I want all the other deaths on this road to mean something.

I want it to be safe for everyone that travels this dangerous road.


Please do not let my son’s death and the death of other be in vain.

For the Past, For Now,

And For The Future.

Join The Cause!



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