Founder’s Story

Founder’s Story

Sharon Rearick

SAFE, PA Founder, Sharon Rearick

Sidewalks are for Everyone, S.A.F.E, (formally: Sidewalks for New Falls Road. Sidewalks for New Falls Road in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I started a petition on August 29, 2012 after my 23 year old son was fatality injured on this road. Currently there is no way that a person on foot or disabled can proceed along the road safely. The only way a traveling pedestrian can move down this route is by walking in the roadway itself or by hiking along a poorly graded, brushy side of the road. Therefore, they put themselves and the moving vehicles in jeopardy. New Falls Road is highly commercialized, having several strip malls, including such businesses as pharmacies, grocery stores, banks, restaurants, barbers and many other locations that you can drive to. However, a good amount of people still move around by walking to these places. In fact, there is a bus stop for SEPTA located on the road with no walkways to access it.

The story that started it all.


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